by Judith wiersema


Raw banana's ed.5

50cm x 40cm x 30cm
Bronze polished

Still ed.3

124cm x 40cm x 40cm

women shield ed.7

It is being beautiful all the time. It is the shield that covers something we could be...

69cm x 45cm x 22cm
Aluminium / black bronze / rusty

Undressed ed.7

It reveals a moment of vulnerability. At this moment you put your t-shirt over your head… someone can judge you freely.

63cm x 35cm x 25cm
Polyester, aluminium and bronze

The original is made out of sand stone.

leg ed.7

Originally made in wood, a very important sculpture for Judith. It was made in times when she needed to feel strength and support in her growth. It is a very strong and pertinent posture. With the heel in all her feminin strength.

Height 110cm
Bronze / polyester coloured / airbrushed

high heel ed.7

This is a posture to tell someone how much effort there is in being what is expected.

20cm x 20cm x 10cm
Aluminium / bronze / black / gold / green
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