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Judith Wiersema

Dutch sculptress

Judith's work

Judith is a renowned Dutch sculptor, born in 1968, who has made a name for herself in the art world with her stunning works of art. She received her education at the Gooische Art Academy, where she learned the skills to carve in stone and wood.

In the early stages of her career, Judith focused on creating traditional female torsos, but she later transitioned to more abstract forms while still drawing inspiration from the theme of women. Her works often incorporate functional art such as tables and chairs, which create an "experience of art" that blends design and beauty.

"Design and beauty come together in the functional art of Judith, creating an experience of art that is truly unique."

Judith's finishing touches are mostly in bronze or aluminium, and she is known to use all different kinds of new techniques in her work. Her pieces are artisanal and vulnerable at the same time, making them stand out among other contemporary sculptures.

Recently, Judith switched her focus to creating lamps and light art, which has become a new passion for her. Her works in this medium are just as stunning as her previous sculptures, showcasing her ability to create art that is both functional and beautiful.

"Judith's ability to create artisanal and vulnerable pieces has earned her critical acclaim in galleries and museums worldwide."

Judith has exhibited her works in Los Angeles, South Korea, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, where she has gained critical acclaim for her unique style and approach to sculpting. Her art has been featured in galleries and museums worldwide, cementing her status as one of the most talented sculptors in the industry.

'Wax, polyester and new colouring'.
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